Sheldon calls the children’s attention to the bird activity at the same feeders the kids filled with birdseed the previous week.

Shhh!…slowly…slowly creeping closer to the feeders as to not scare the birds away.

Good Morning Birds! The children practiced being still and quiet  while observing nature. We learned that most birds have a favorite type of seed they prefer to eat.

These girls returned to water the Sunflower seeds they had planted the previous week.

After watering the garden, it’s up to the pavilion for the next activity.

‘What does an explorer do?’, Farmer Sheldon asks. The children replied, ‘looks for things’, ‘use their senses’, ‘experiments’, and ‘discovers things’. Farmer Sheldon encourages them to use their senses to help find matches for all of these items on a scavenger hunt.

Let the gardening games begin! Working in small groups , the children have one bucket full of the items they are trying to find matches for and another empty bucket to gather the natural treasures they find. Fruit from a Pear tree, a Gingko leaf, a stem of Rosemary, the bark from a River Birch tree, acorns, and a Magnolia leaf, inspire the children to explore the garden.
‘I spy with my little eye, a leaf that is green on one side and brown on the other!’ The girls discover one of their items and learn to identify it as a Magnolia leaf.

A Gingko leaf found on the scavenger hunt. ‘Did you know a Gingko tree is one of the oldest trees? They have found many fossils of this tree indicating the Gingko and the Dinosaurs lived together.”