Once upon a drizzly morning at Wonderland Garden, the Morning Glories greeted the children on their way to visit the butterflies.

Farmer Sheldon led the children’s imaginations through a maze of tunnels built by bugs underground to learn how these same passages carry rainwater and nutrients into the root system of plants.

These boys are closing their eyes to help them imagine what it would be like to be George Washington Carver. ‘Imagine what kind of ideas you would have if you were an Inventor’, ‘Imagine how working with plants make you feel’, ‘Imagine how you could invent things that can help other people.’

The children take turns filling up the bird feeders with more seed. Wow! Birds sure do eat a lot!

This curious group watches carefully to see how the many different kinds of butterflies, moths and bugs pollinate the flowers on the Lantana bush.

Over 3000 species of butterflies and moths have been recorded in Georgia. You can often find members of the Lepidoptera order visiting flowers, rotting fruit, sap on a tree or wet soil.

After everyone had their turn finding insects and watching the butterflies, we worked on a fun art project, making patterned bark impressions on paper.

The Chinese Elm tree is also known as the Lacebark Elm for its delicately patterned surface.

These girls had a great time finding just the right spot on the tree to work on their pictures.

Bravo! Well done, girls!